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Saulius Menkevicius, 2004, 2005
<saulius dot menkevicius at gmail dot com>

It is a rare event for something interesting to happen and when it does this is the place to look for details.

[2005-01-09] vqcc-gtk 0.5 has been released.
[2004-09-09] Seems like someone is using win32 version after all. Made it build on win32 again and bumped up version to 0.4.2. There are no changes to the stable 0.4 code version except for support of cygwin/migw build).
[2004-08-31] vqcc-gtk 0.4 had a critical bug where text could not get posted to private and channel sessions. vqcc-gtk 0.4.1 which fixes this bug can be fetched from download page.
[2004-08-29] Vilius Roskus has provided us with i386 and src RPMs. Those can be found on download page.
[2004-08-28] vqcc-gtk 0.4: another release after a long period of silence. The interface was streamlined a little, lots of bugs fixed. Please send comments on this release.
[2004-04-12] vqcc-gtk 0.3 is out. Runs under win32 too (though neither systray, nor i18n works). Check it over download page.
[2004-03-01] First release ever. Still a PRE1, in case it crashes for someone.
[2004-02-28] Not much news here, unless you consider the webpage being finished after two months as such ;)

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