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Saulius Menkevicius, 2004, 2005
<saulius dot menkevicius at gmail dot com>

Vqcc-gtk is a chat application written in C for the GTK+ toolkit, primarily used in small LAN's. Based on quickChat/Vypress Chat (TM) for Windows (from Vypress Research) and is licensed under the GPL.

The application supports both quickChat and Vypress Chat(TM) protocols and hopefully is compatible enough to substitute those applications when using Linux, FreeBSD or another *NIX desktop. You need no server to run, however it is not possible to communicate outside your LAN (or subnet).

Those running KDE might be happier with VyQChat which is making nice progress too and looks more native to the users of KDE. Also there is a fine console (text mode) chat client eChat. It is compatible with both quickChat and VypressChat.

You can also run it on Windows, though currently it's not possible to compile it on this environment, due to recent changes (adopting the GNU autoconf/automake).

Current contributors are:

  • Saulius Menkevicius <saulius.menkevicius@gmail.com>

Last time updated: 2006 03 30