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Saulius Menkevicius, 2004, 2005
<saulius dot menkevicius at gmail dot com>

You can have anonymous access to the CVS repository of vqcc-gtk with sourceforge.net facilities. The information on how to access anonymous CVS repository of vqcc-gtk on sourceforge.net is here.

In order to build the binary of vqcc-gtk from sources in CVS you will need GNU autoconf v2.5+, GNU automake v1.4, "development" packages for GTK+ v2.2+, a `make' facility and a C compiler. Anything else may or may not work.

The package is `autoconfigurized' with GNU autotools, thus you must perform the following steps, after fetching the code, in order to build a working binary:

funbag$ ./autogen.sh funbag$ ./configure funbag$ make

We would like to hear from you in case there are any problems while building and/or running the `configure' script. Due to wide range of systems out there it's not easy to handle the build environment on various *NIX boxes.

Please note that software in the CVS repository may not be "working", "stable" or it might not even compile and generally should be considered as alpha quality. Look for release tarballs in case you want to get something considered as "stable".

Last time updated: 2006 03 30